Grant Workbench Accessories


Non-Electric Accessories





These 400# capacity shelves are adjustable on 1" increments without the use of tools.




Bin Box Rails & Boxes


Single Bin Box Rail


Double Bin Box Rail


Articulating Options

Desktop Grommet



Edge Rails

Vertical Shelf Dividers

Top Bin Shelf

Keyboard Trays

Roll Holders

Computer Holder

Tool Balancer


Electric Accessories

Power Strips

Mount these to the back or bottom side of work surfaces and/or shelves. Brackets included.

Surge Supression Strips


Other Power


Bottom Mounted Plug Strip


Lights and Frames


Benchpro™exclusive: Made in lengths to fit each of our workbench sizes. Completely integrated light and switch use modern LED emitters whitch produce more light than the fluorescent single bulb fixture above.

Cables Management