Oiled Solid Maple Butcher Block Radiused Top  


  • 1.75" Thick 100% Solid Maple Hardwood.
  • Radius Edges.

What you need to know about surface finishes before you purchase butcherblock:

Lacquer finished tops are recommended for offices and where water stains from drinking cups and other common stains will destroy the nice finish of raw or oiled tops.


Oiled finished tops are generally preferred in heavy work areas where lacquer will be damaged, as the oiled tops can be easily refinished.  These tops need to have sealing oil applied every two to three months to prevent warping and cracking.  When surface damage occurs, we recommend refinishing these tops using our sealing oil blend and 220 to 320 grit sandpaper.  We include a 4-oz bottle of oil with each bench, and sell additional oil below.


Our largest competitor sells butcherblock unfinished.  We offer only oiled tops and lacquered tops

! Top Only, No Frame Included (Assembly by Customer Required).