Individual Drawers, Standard 21" Wide, 20" Front to Back.  

Drawer Combinations  

Possible Combinations:  A drawer set with, from top to bottom, 4", 6", and 12" drawers would be a D4-6-12.

The price for the combination of drawers will be the total of all drawers on your order. Example: 2 sets of D4-6-12 and 2 sets of D4-6 drawers will be price as 10 drawers.


Retrofit (Add drawers to old benches not equipped for drawers.)  
Z Bracket
Retrofit kits are not required when buying benches with drawers. Use this kit to add a drawer to benches you already have. This kit will mount drawers 2" below the bottom of the top material, allowing 2" for structural parts. Please advise the brand and model of bench you are adding drawers to, that we may be able to confirm compatibility.