Stainless Steel Kennedy
Workbench Accessories

Non-Electric Accessories Electric Accessories
  Stainless Steel Drawers  
BenchPro™ drawers have up to twice the steel of other brands, and use smooth quiet 100# full-length ball bearing slides.
  Adjustable Top Shelves  
These 400# capacity shelves are adjustable on 1" increments without the use of tools.
Chrome Plated Wire Shelves
Stainless Steel
Top Shelves


  Stainless Steel Bottom Shelves  
Bottom Shelves
This shelf snap into position with the use of tools.
  Stainless Steel Uprights Sets  
Leg Mounted Upright
Single Sided
Leg Mounted Upright
Double Sided
  Stainless Steel Light Frames  
All frames have simple horizontal and vertical positioning adjustments.

45º Light Frame


90º Light Frame
  Stainless Steel Footrest  

Type I (Fixed)

Type II (Adjustable)

  Stainless Steel Bin Box Rails  
  Single Bin Box Rail
  Double Bin Box Rail

Bin Box Rails

  Heavy Duty Locking Casters  
4 Inches Urethane Caster

4" HD Locking Urethane Casters



5" HD Locking Urethane Casters

6" HD Locking Urethane Casters
Use for Harding Series Benches
  Stainless Steel Power Strips  
Stainless Plug Strip
Back Mounted
15-Amp, 8, 12, and 16 Outlets with Lighted Switch. 11 Different Sizes.
Stainless Plug Strip
USB Ports Available
LED Indicator, Input: 110V, Output: 5V - 1000mA.
HD Back Mounted
Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Enclosure.
15-Amp, 2 Outlets with Lighted Switch. 13 Different Sizes.
German, British, Chinese and Australian Plug Strip.

Mount these to the back or bottom side of work surfaces and/or shelves. Brackets included.

  Overhead and Ceiling Lights  
Ceiling LED Lights
24", 36", 48", 60", 72" and 96" Long.

LED Overhead Light
24", 36", 48", 60", 72" and 96" Long.

Benchpro™ exclusives! These Overhead LED light fixtures include:
an installed 30” cord that plugs into our (exclusive) uprights with an outlet at the top, a choice of lighted rocker switch or (exclusive) infinite dimming switch, a 115v power supply, an (exclusive) aluminum frame for ease of installation, an (exclusive) 10-year unconditional warranty.

LEDs are estimated to last 20 to 25 years. Compare fluorescent fixtures where you change the tubes yearly. Add to that the mercury bulb disposal, the dangerous high voltages, possible glass breakage and the saving on electrical expense.
Sealed Fluorescent Overhead Light
Brighter, Eliminates Dust Accumulation. Our least expensive overhead light. 24" and 48" Long.
Benchpro™ exclusive sealed lights: Besides being our least expensive light, they are our most popular. They are completely sealed to eliminate dust collection while sealing out explosive fumes. Their polycarbonate clear defuser and case are 100% unbreakable. They use latest T8 fluorescent bulbs and electronic ballasts to reduce power usage and heat. There is a size to fit every bench.
Sealed Overhead LED Lights
Brighter, Eliminates Dust Accumulation.  24" and 48" and 60" Long.


Benchpro™ exclusive sealed LED lights: These 12v LED light fixtures include a cord and switch. They include a 6amp 115v power supply. Consider also the expense of yearly bulb changing and disposal, the dangerous high voltages, and possible glass breakage of the soon to be obsolete fluorescent bulb systems, and its a sure winner.
Workbench - Lights & Frames
Fluorescent Overhead Light
24", 48" and 96" Long. Uses two T8 Fluorescent bulbs.  Includes In-Line Switch and Cord.


  Under Shelf Lights  
Benchpro™exclusive: Made in lengths to fit each of our workbench sizes. Completely integrated light and switch use modern LED emitters whitch produce more light than the fluorescent single bulb fixture above. Integrated "Touch Screen" switch allows light intensities form bright to dim by a simple touch. Includes a separate concealed 12v/115v power supply.
LED Integrated Undershelf Light System
19", 31", 43", 55", 79", and 103" Long.
  Cables Management  

LisStrip™ Wire Manager


Most larger orders have something custom!

Custom Workbenches

Compressed Air Systems

Custom Vacuum Systems


Custom Power Systems

Custom Communications Systems

We listed our most popular accessories here. If you didn’t see what you need, speak to our sales staff: 888-700-9888.

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