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Nevamar™ ESD Laminate

We have used Nevamar™ ESD laminate for over twenty years without an ESD problem.  It is the original static control surface, and was produced under patent.  3M has their brand of laminates made to the same standards by Nevamar™.

 In addition, Nevamar™ puts a special patented hard coating on the top which makes it more abrasion resistant than other brands.

This coating makes it last much longer, and protects tops from most scratches. We recommend this for most ESD applications where extensive damage occurs from moving metal parts across work surfaces.

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ESD Specifications
1-3 Day Shipp Promise

LisStat™ ESD Laminate

This is our own in house brand.  It is made to the same standards as Nevamar™, has the same static control system, and costs much less. 

We are importing this product from Asia, where it has been in use for eight years covering workbench tops over there. We tested it extensively, and warrant products where it is used unconditionally for 10-years. 

The surface of this laminate matches the abrasion resistance of Formica™ and all other brands of plastic lamiante, which have proven to be an excellent product and have excellent surface abrasion resistance.