Floor Mounting Adjustable Legs Set


  • 6" Height Adjustability.
  • No Crossthreaded Bolts.
  • Heavy 5/16" Diameter Adjusting Bolts.
  • Mounts on Floors.


Also available: Crank-up and Electric Lift Benches. See Adams Series on the homepage and Handy Hydraulic Lift Table on the options page. Adjustable legs not available on Heavy Duty Series



Floor Mounting Adjustable Legs
Finish Model
1 2-4 5-9 10-24 25+
Painted FLP
$44 $41 $39 $38 $37
Produced to your Specifications in 1-5 Working Days.
Giant Orders Take a Little Longer.

! When ordering bench, please specify the lowest work height desired. Example: If you want your work height to adjust from 30" to 36", order the bench height at 30".